After more than four decades in the business of gutters and downspouts, and becoming one of the largest, most experienced companies in the local industry, we have had our share of appreciative customers.

Here are a just a few proud examples out of hundreds:

From the Cheers And Jeers Section in the Fayetteville Observer:

"Cheers to a wonderful gutter company that was here at the appointed time and was very informative on our situation.

But a huge jeer to other companies that made appointments and showed up when they felt like it and even came when no one was home. It showed us what kind of company they run, which we do not want doing our work.

To The Gutter Man of Fayetteville, I can't wait for you to start your work at our house, you were the only one who showed up on time and was very informative."
---- Linda R. Fayetteville, NC

"Thank you for the outstanding service in furnishing our gutter needs since 1994. You are a highly respected company throughout the Fayetteville area. You always produce a quality product displaying the ultimate in skill and workmanship. You are always properly insured and practice total safety in the workplace."
---- R.W.S.

"...the end product is beautiful and I'm very proud of it and I thank you for ya'lls part in the effort..."
---- K.C.

"Enclosed is payment for the gutter helmet installation. Thank you and your brother for your professionalism and your promptness."
---- J.W.

"Thanks for your fast service. Your suggestions and your help make me feel we made the right choice of gutter type and style. Thanks for all your help."
---- T.W.

"'s nice to business with dependable people. My house was painted last week and the rain water ran down the gutters great. Thanks again."
---- B.A.

"Just a short note to say thanks for getting the new gutter up and fixing the old ones. The new corners are working well. Thanks again."
---- J.H. and K.H.

"Great job Randy. The gutters look great. Thanks for the help."
---- G.T.M.

"Randy, Thank you. Good job, looks great. I'll keep your card on file."
---- T.S.

"The guttering looks great. Thanks so much!"
----- M.T.

"Thanks and you get my recommendation."
---- V.

"Thanks for such good service. We just got back from the beach yesterday. Thanks for being so patient."
---- M.M.

"Thanks for doing such a great job. I appreciate it."
---- M.L.

"Thank you. Looks good."
---- J.G.

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